“Rerouting…” Week 10: Do Not Enter

Many of us are a little wary of signing our life over to Jesus. “Eh, I think I’ll just go to Mass on Sunday, Father. I don’t need any of this uber Catholic stuff.” So our goal today is to discover, “What is holding me back from surrendering my life to Jesus?” And when we know that, to be strengthened in confidence that I can (and should) surrender my life to Him.

“Rerouting…” Week 5: Road Work Ahead

Today we dive into THE STORY! And so perhaps unsurprisingly, we begin with the book of Genesis. While many think this book is simply untrue, we discover that it is actually true … just not as you might be reading it. Genesis doesn’t answer the question “How?” but “Why?” This is how the story begins: by answering the question, “Why is there something rather than nothing?”