“Rerouting…” Week 5: Road Work Ahead

Today we dive into THE STORY! And so perhaps unsurprisingly, we begin with the book of Genesis. While many think this book is simply untrue, we discover that it is actually true … just not as you might be reading it. Genesis doesn’t answer the question “How?” but “Why?” This is how the story begins: by answering the question, “Why is there something rather than nothing?”

The Substance of His Kingship: Restoration

Our mission is fidelity to the King and the announcement of his kingship. This fidelity and announcement have power. When one lives under the power of this kingship and kingdom, it is accompanied by signs, signs of merciful love: the hungry are fed, the thirsty have drink, the strangers are welcomed, the naked are clothed, the sick and prisoners are visited. The kingdom is breaking in, and these are the signs that it is present.

FIAT: Let the Kingdom Come

This is our theme for Stewardship this year: FIAT, “Let it be done to me.” As God continues to establish His Kingdom, as we renew our commitment to Evangelizing, to being His Disciples, to being good Stewards—it all begins with FIAT: letting it happen. The Kingdom of God arrives in and through you. Render to God what belongs to God, turn yourself over to Him, and He will accomplish the rest.