3rd Sunday of Lent – The Desert and Our Thirst

It is beside our well, the well we have dug out in our desert, that the Lord waits for us. And it’s there—and only there—that the Lord offers us water that will quench our thirst forever, that will give us “eternal life,” the life of the age to come: the life that come through Jesus to us, the life we saw in his Transfiguration. That’s what we need. That’s what will quench the thirst you feel.

Works of Power

Jesus continues to performs “works of power” within us by the Spirit. This whole day is meant to be a day to revel in this, revel in being recreated, here and now. We will be sent out the other six days, and the Spirit will work through us to renew the world. But for one day, on this one day we rest. We allow the Lord to come and to perform his works of power within us.