“Rerouting…” Week 10: Do Not Enter

Many of us are a little wary of signing our life over to Jesus. “Eh, I think I’ll just go to Mass on Sunday, Father. I don’t need any of this uber Catholic stuff.” So our goal today is to discover, “What is holding me back from surrendering my life to Jesus?” And when we know that, to be strengthened in confidence that I can (and should) surrender my life to Him.

LENT #3: The Wells We Dig

The good news is that it is beside our well, the well we have dug out in our desert, that the Lord waits for us. Not on the other side of the desert—waiting for us to figure it out ourselves. No, he’s there. And it’s there—and only there—that the Lord offers to give us a water that will quench our thirst forever, that will give us “eternal life,” the life that come through Jesus, the life we saw in his Transfiguration—the life we’re looking for.